Interra Online banking makes life easier

Access your Interra Credit Union accounts and more, conveniently online, at home, at work, or anywhere you go. Register today for Interra Online banking. It’s free and easy!

Interra Online banking provides members an enhanced and user-friendly online banking experience. With Interra Online banking, traditional online banking functionality meets personal financial management tools like budget management, spending analysis and the ability to assess total net worth.

It is a robust and intuitive system. Don’t let that intimidate you, because you’re in charge. You can choose to use it for the “basics” or for the more enhanced features. It’s all up to you!

With Interra Online, you can:

Access the basics –

  • View account and transaction summaries
  • Determine which checks have cleared and view check images
  • Transfer funds between your Interra accounts
  • Manage automatic transfers
  • Obtain detailed mortgage account information
  • View current and previous year dividend/interest reports
  • Manage your personal profile information: Enter and/or edit address, phone, e-mail, etc., via Profile.
  • Download information to your favorite financial programs, such as Quicken® or Microsoft Money.®
  • Take advantage of other options, including stop payment request, request a copy of a check, reorder checks, change your address and more.

Access the extras –

  • Categorize your transactions, with options to create your personal budget, determine your net worth and more. This includes entering account and statement information from other financial providers.
  • Create a new savings account or sign up for Christmas Club – online!
  • Transfer funds to another Interra member’s account
  • Customize a dashboard view of your accounts
  • View/make transactions between separate member numbers. (Please complete and submit the Multi-Account Access form.)
  • Name your accounts, using the nickname feature.
  • A variety of other options to meet your financial needs.

Interra Online is the gateway to other FREE online services:

Security features:

  • Interra uses the most advanced internet security systems available for the online banking platform.
  • When you enter Interra Online banking, you are entering a secure site, with all information encrypted or encoded.
  • The multi-level login procedure – multi-factor authentication (MFA) – is another safeguard against unauthorized users accessing your data – only you will know your username, password, and security answers.  MFA represents a more secure way to protect your personal information than merely relying upon a single password.
  • In addition, for your view at sign in, the system records the date and time of the last login attempt.
  • A time-out feature – if your computer is left idle for a short time, you must sign in again to regain access to your account information.
  • The ability to change your password and security questions, image or phrase any time through the Profile link at the top of the page, or the Other Services tab.


If you have problems accessing Interra Online, or have questions:

As always, Interra Online banking is a FREE service, a benefit of membership.

The following browsers are compatible with Interra Online banking:

Please note: Google Chrome does not work with the Interra Bill Pay and MasterCard Online services.  We do not recommend America Online, Netscape Navigator, nor MSN and cannot guarantee proper operation of the Interra Online banking service while using them.


View the comprehensive User Guide/FAQs.

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