Business Bill Pay FAQs

Yes, call the 24-hour customer service hotline for bill pay at 866.696.3575.

Depending on the biller, they may get paid by either paper check through the mail or electronically. These delivery methods, determined by the biller, also affect how quickly the biller can get paid. Generally speaking, most payments are sent electronically.

Each biller, based on their delivery method of the payment, will have different timeframes in which a payment can sent then received. When you go to pay a bill and select a date from a calendar, you will see the earliest dates to pay individual billers. Generally it is a few days for electronic payments and within a week or so for paper payments.

They will be deducted on the date you specify when scheduling the payments.

Be careful when scheduling payments and relying solely on the current balance in your account. Funds are not withdrawn until the date you specify when you schedule the payment, therefore regular account activity and other payments you make may deplete your available funds before your scheduled payment is made. Keep this in mind when scheduling future payments.

Depending on how soon your payment is scheduled to be submitted, you can edit a payments date, amount and which account the payment will be made from. Simply click “Edit” next to the pending payment.

You can edit automatic payments by clicking on the Payments Tab. Any changes you make will affect any current and scheduled payments.

An e-bill is an electronic version of your biller’s monthly statement or bill. You can tell if your biller offers e-bills by whether or not the biller has an option stating “Add an electronic version of my bill” next to it.

Bill pay uses several methods to ensure that your information is secure:

  1. SSL. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which ensures that you connection and information are secure form outside inspection.
  2. Encryption. Bill pay uses 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the internet.
  3. Automatic Sign Out. Automatically signs you out of a session if you are inactive for a predefined time.
  1. Agreement: the terms and conditions of the bill payment service.
  2. Biller: the person or entity to which you wish a bill payment to be directed or is the person or entity from which you receive electronic bills, as the case may be.
  3. Business day: is every Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Reserve holidays.
  4. Due date: the date reflected on your Biller statement for which the payment is due; it is not the late date or grace period.
  5. Payment account: the checking account from which bill payments will be debited.
  6. Payment instruction: the information provided by you to the Service for a bill payment to be made to the Biller (such as, but not limited to, Biller name, Biller account number, and Scheduled Payment Date).
  7. Scheduled payment: a payment that has been scheduled through the Service but processing has not begun.
  8. Scheduled payment date: the day you want your Biller to receive your bill payment and is also the day your Payment Account will be debited, unless the Scheduled Payment Date falls on a non-Business Day, in which case it will be considered to be the previous Business Day.
  9. Service: the bill payment service offered by Interra Credit Union through interracu.com.
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Business Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Pay all of your businessbills and make payments to anyone for free from one single place – Interra Online Banking1!

  • Make or schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • Reduce costs for envelopes, check printing and postage
  • Receive e-bills from hundreds of billers
  • Detailed itemization and reporting of bills
  • Multi-user access
  • Import vendor lists from Quickbooks
  • and much more!

To get started, contact Interra Business Services:

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