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Ways to Make Smart Financial Planning Decisions Today

Interra takes our corporate mission seriously when we state we want to be our members’ most trusted and valued financial resource. Did you know that Interra has technology tools that can assist you with your financial goals? These tools are easily accessible right at your fingertips through the Interra website, and online banking.

Calculate Your Goals.

  • Through Interra’s website, you can access financial calculators. They are easy to use, and allow you to match your goals, and expectations specifically to your financial situation. Use the calculators to help you calculate a vehicle payment, debit-to-income, savings, planning for retirement and much more! Calculators are for informational purposes only and do not constitute offers of credit. Check out the more than 60 calculators at
  • Want to be a millionaire? Saving money requires self-discipline on your current spending habits. Adding monthly earnings to your savings can significantly grow your account over time. It’s important to factor inflation into your savings plan, too.
Know Your Credit Score.
  • Interra’s online banking gives you the ability to view your credit score for free through SavvyMoney™. The dashboard allows you to view your score rating, payment history, and credit usage. By viewing this information, you can monitor your current credit position in order to be aware of what lenders may see. It allows you to view a snapshot of any possible inaccurate or incomplete information.

Benefits of a Share Certificate.

  • A share certificate works similarly to a savings account, where you deposit money and receive dividends. With a share certificate, you must set an opening deposit and keep the money in the account for a specified amount of time. If you’re looking for ways to practice good saving skills, opening a share certificate could be the right option for you. Share certificates also tend to offer a higher rate than savings accounts.

Financial Health & Wellness Tools.

  • These tools allow members to link their other financial institution accounts within Interra's mobile banking app. Once connected with these accounts, members can view their balances in one place. You can set goals, regulate spending habits/analysis, view spending forecasts, and perform financial checkups.

To learn more about the financial planning resources available to you,
Tools -
Online Banking -

Online Banking: Did You Know?

Interra’s online banking gives you the ability to view your credit score through SavvyMoney™. 

View Your Credit Score

  • Log into your online banking and choose “Get My Credit Score.”
  • Click “See My Score.”
  • This will bring up a disclosure for you to review and accept. Choose “Continue.”
  • You’re now in the SavvyMoney™ dashboard where you can view your score rating, payment history, credit usage and so much more!

Want to learn more about Interra’s online banking or watch helpful videos? Find more information at

Debit to Win It.

Get an automatic entry every time you use your debit card in July, August and September 2022. 

Win...36" Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station and Accessories

Visit for more details.

¹NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE ODDS OF WINNING. ODDS OF WINNING DEPEND ON THE NUMBER OF ELIGIBLE ENTRIES RECEIVED. NEW YORK AND FLORIDA RESIDENTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER OR WIN. Promotion begins at 12:01 am Eastern Time on July 1, 2022, and ends at 11:59 pm Eastern Time September 30, 2022 (“promotional period”). Prior to entry, entrant must be a member in good standing of Interra Credit Union, at least 18 years old and have a MasterCard debit card with Interra Credit Union. Consumer accounts only. For entry without purchase, hand print your name, address and daytime phone number on a 3 x 5 card and mail to Interra Credit Union, Debit to Win it, PO Box 727, Goshen, IN 46527. Only one entry required each promotional period, no limit on entries per day by either mention. Winner will be contacted by phone/email on record. If the winner does not return the initial contact within two days, another winner will be selected and so forth. One (1) monthly prize of at least $500 approximate retail value. Winner may opt to receive $250 cash in lieu of the featured prize. The cash value of prizes is considered taxable income and will be reported to the IRS as such. Contest winners will be required to complete and sign an IRS W-9 form or its equivalent. As always, we encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance. One winner per household for the previous 12 months of the promotion. Interra employees and volunteers and their immediate family members are not eligible. Complete official rules are available at any Interra Credit Union office or online at

Use the Equity In Your Home

Have you been considering a house renovation? Or possibly looking into refinancing your home during this seller’s market? If so, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)¹ from Interra Credit Union could help you get started!

Union could help you get started!
A special promotion is happening for Interra members with an existing HELOC loan, or new HELOC loans opened August 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022.

  • Advances from August 1 – September 30, 2022 ONLY will receive the promotional or introductory rate of 2.99% APR² on those advances until March 31, 2023³
  • No closing costs⁴
  • Low annual fee⁵

Act Now!

Remember, this promotional rate is available only for advances posted to the line of credit account August 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022. Advances made prior to August 1 and on or after October 1, 2022 are not eligible for this special rate. New HELOC loans must close on or before September 26, 2022 to be able to take advances during the promotional period before it ends on September 30, 2022.

Get Started Today.

Look to the trusted loan professionals at Interra to help you every step of the way.

  • Apply online now.
  • Learn more about HELOCs at
  • To learn more about this special promotion or apply in person, call 574-534-2506 or visit any Interra office.

¹All loans are subject to credit approval and collateral review. Rates may vary based on credit qualifications and not all borrowers will qualify for the lowest rate. Home Equity Line of Credit is a revolving line of credit offered to qualified borrowers. You can obtain advances of credit for 5 to 10 years (“the draw period”). Not a guarantee of credit. ²Program rates, terms, and conditions are effective as of August 1, 2022, and are subject to change without notice. Annual percentage rate (APR) of the variable rate program HELOC is based on the Prime Rate as published in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, plus a margin; the maximum the APR can increase is 6% above the initial non-promotional rate, if applicable. For example, if you opened a HELOC with a 700 credit score at 4.75% APR, the highest the rate could increase to during the life of the loan would be 10.75% APR. The rate is subject to increase and decrease. The variable rate line is subject to a minimum rate of 3.50%. As of Augurst 1, 2022, fixed rate as low as 6.50% and variable rate as low as 5.50% based on credit score. ³Interest on outstanding balances prior to August 1, 2022, will continue to accrue at the regular rate of either Prime or Prime plus a margin, if applicable. Loan Payment Information: When you make a payment, any principal payment will apply first to the lowest promotional balance and then to any previously outstanding balance through March 31, 2023. Effective April 1, 2023, the rate on any remaining promotional balance outstanding will go back to the regular rate disclosed in borrower's HELOC open-end credit plan. ⁴The credit union will pay for the standard closing costs of a property valuation, flood determination, junior loan title policy, and recording of the mortgage. The borrower(s) is responsible for any non-standard charges, such as regular lender’s title, deed preparation and/or deed recording fees, if applicable. These fees generally total between $250 to $900. If the HELOC is paid in full and closed within 24-months of opening, you must reimburse the amount paid in closing costs by the credit union. Property insurance is required until the sum owed is paid in full and the line is closed. If the property is located within the flood zone, flood insurance will be required. Interra Credit Union’s NMLS #623379. ⁵The line is subject to a $75 annual fee on its anniversary date.

To: Holders of Traditional IRA accounts

Withholding Notice (form 2317)

Payments from your IRA are subject to federal income tax withholding, unless you elect no withholding. 

You may change your withholding election at any time prior to receipt of a payment. To change your withholding election, complete the appropriate form provided by your credit union. 

Withholding from IRA payments, when combined with other withholding, MAY relieve you from payment of estimated income taxes. However, your withholding election does not affect the amount of income tax you pay. 

You may incur penalties under the estimated tax rules if your withholding and estimated tax payments are insufficient.