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We’re here to lend you a hand.

We have the loans, mortgages and lines of credit you need to make your dreams come true.

Auto Loans

Looking to refinance your vehicle or buy a new or used car?

Unless you’ve got enough cash lying around to buy a car outright, then you’re going to need an auto loan to finance your purchase. Auto loans are typically structured as installment loans and are secured by the value of the vehicle being purchased.

Mortgage Loans

Compare our mortgage options and discover the best home loan to meet your needs.

Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, there is no denying that owning your own home is the American dream. But before you can own it – you have to buy it. A mortgage from Interra Credit Union can help make that dream a reality.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Enjoy the benefits of secured financing, using the value of your own home!

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a revolving credit line that lets homeowners borrow money against the equity they've built up in their homes. A HELOC often has a lower interest rate than other loans, and the interest is usually tax-deductible (consult your tax professional).

Recreational Loans

Finance an RV, boat, motorcycle, quad, jet ski, garden tractor, and more!

A recreational loan from Interra Credit Union is the perfect way to buy that motorcycle, boat, RV or ATV that you've been eyeing. Depending on your down payment, credit score, and income, the term and interest rate of your loan will vary.

Personal Loans

Take control of your finances with a personal loan from Interra Credit Union.

Interra makes getting a personal loan quick and easy and offers competitive interest rates. Consolidate credit card debt, pay off medical bills, pay vet bills, buy lawn equipment, put in a pool, or give your home a fresh new look.

Student Loans

Research, compare and apply for the student loan you need.

Getting a student loan from Interra Credit Union can make going to college – and, increasingly, a middle-class life – a reality. A student loan, just like any other loan, is money that is borrowed and repaid with interest over the time.

Share-Secure Loans

Borrow using your own savings as collateral and enjoy a competitive rate.

Share secured loans are essentially a way for you to borrow, using your own savings as the collateral. Instead of using all your savings to make a purchase and losing your safety net, you borrow against that sum while your money stays in your account.

Checking Line of Credit

Have a peace of mind knowing your checks are covered.

A checking line of credit is a revolving credit line that is attached to your checking account. It protects you from overdrafts and from having transactions denied for non-sufficient funds. With Interra’s Checking Line of Credit (LOC) you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your checks are covered with this convenient overdraft protection option.

CashIN™ Loan

An alternative to a payday loan when funds are tight.

Since 40% of Americans struggle to cover a $400 emergency expense, it can leave them vulnerable when a life event happens. Using your Interra online banking, in just 6 clicks in 60 seconds, CashIN™ funds can be immediately deposited into your account if you are approved. So if you have a pet emergency, a car repair, a job loss, or when there is more-month-than-money, a CashIN™ loan may be able to help.

Apply using your computer or smartphone and logging into your Interra online banking. No credit check required. Not all will qualify.


When you need a little extra cash, skipping a loan payment might be your best option.

There are times in life when you need some extra money and skipping a loan payment could be exactly what you need to get through. Interra Credit Union’s Skip-a-Payment program gives qualifying members an opportunity to skip a monthly loan payment up to twice a year.

Online Loan Payment

Interra's online loan payment is the easiest way to make a payment.

It’s easy to make your loan payments online. Interra Online Loan Payment offers a fast, convenient way to make or schedule your auto loan or other consumer loan payments. You have the option to pay from a checking or savings account, or by debit card.

Loan Rates

Looking for current interest rates online?

Find and compare Interra Credit Union’s current loan rates here.

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