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Families have neighbors to lend a hand. Businesses have Interra.

We offer businesses lending opportunities with competitive rates and attractive terms.

Lines of Credit

Manage cash flow, buy inventory, pay for surprise expenses, and more.

A business line of credit works similarly to how a credit card works. Unlike a regular business loan, where you receive a single lump sum, a business line of credit lets you borrow up to a certain limit and pay interest only on the portion of that limit from which you borrow.

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Term Loans

Receive a one-time lump sum to invest and grow your business.

Unlike a business line of credit, with a business term loan, you receive a single lump sum, which you then pay back with regular repayments – the same as you would do with a mortgage or an auto loan. This type of loan is ideal when financing one-off investments, such as buying equipment.

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Investment & Rental Properties

Earn passive income by purchasing rental homes and investment properties.

When you purchase an investment or rental property, you’re not just earning a passive income – as real estate prices increase, your investment rises in value. Further, the interest that you pay on an investment property is often tax deductible (consult with your tax professional).

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Commercial Real Estate

Apply for a commercial real estate loan for your business.

Buying commercial real estate could be the biggest and riskiest transaction your business ever undertakes, and it’s no simple task. What makes it so treacherous are the numerous moving parts and people involved. That’s why you need the experience of the business team from Interra Credit Union behind you.

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Church Financing

Is your church ready to build or expand? Maybe you just need some chairs.

If your church or place of worship is looking to expand or grow, Interra has options for you! Each church and situation can be unique. Please contact Interra with any financing questions you may have.

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Business Asset Loan

Use your property to help finance business expenses.

A business asset loan is a term loan that may be used to purchase assets like equipment, inventory or other goods and supplies. Or, you can use the equity in your current assets to finance business expenses or refinance debt.

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INtime Business Loans

Expedited lending - decision in 48-hours or less!

INtime Lending offers expedited lending for local new and existing business and agribusiness members. Our program offers a 48-hour decision – getting you the funds you need to keep your business or farm going.

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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being more than a financial institution.”
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Randy Lehman
Manager, Vice President Commercial Lending
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Alan Hauger
Vice President Commercial Lending
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Shelley Pulaski
Vice President Commercial Lending
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Kyle Revella
AVP Commercial Lending
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Adam Bujalski
AVP Commercial Lending
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Eric Erlenwein
Commercial Lending
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Ian King
Commercial Lending