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Our services are branching out.

Interra strives to offer a mix of personal and technological services in response to the needs of a diverse membership.

Shared Branch Network

You have access to your Interra accounts at thousands of credit union locations nationwide. That’s right - thousands! Credit unions from across the United States participate in a network to give credit union members account access.

Cashier's Checks & Money Orders

Cashier’s checks provide guaranteed funds and have increased security features over traditional checks.

Wire Transfers

A fast, secure, convenient way to help you get your money where it needs to go (or where it needs to come from).

Safe Deposit Boxes

Interra offers a full range of safe deposit boxes at many office locations with simple annual rental fees. All boxes are 24 inches deep and offer a secure means of storing vital documents or possessions.

Discounts for Members

As a member of Interra Credit Union, you are provided many opportunities for local, nationwide, and international discounts on merchandise, electronics, travel, and more!

Night Deposits

Most Interra offices offer night depository services, with locking commercial bags available for your security.