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Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep it safe!

A safe deposit box allows you to store what’s most important to you in a safe, secure and fireproof space. Interra offers safe deposit boxes, in a variety of sizes, at several office locations. All boxes are 24 inches deep and offer a secure means of storing vital documents or possessions. To learn more about safe deposit boxes, please contact Interra.

Annual rental fees:

3 x 5............. $30.00

5 x 5............. $40.00

3 x 10........... $50.00

5 x 10........... $65.00

10 x 10 ........ $95.00

Does a safe deposit box cost any money?

Fees are charged annually and are based on the size of the box. At Interra, annual costs range from $30 to $95.

Where are the safe deposit boxes located?

Safe deposit boxes are available for rental at the following offices:

  • Main Office - Goshen
  • College Green - Goshen
  • Elkhart CR 17
  • Middlebury
  • Millersburg
  • Nappanee
  • New Paris
  • Shipshewana
  • Wakarusa

Safe deposit boxes are in a secure area inside of a larger safe. 

When can I access my safe deposit box?

You can privately access your safe deposit box any time our offices are open, which is Monday through Friday 8:30 - 5:00 and Saturday 8:30 - Noon.