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Electronic transactions, processed through the Automated Clearing House.

A cost-effective, highly reliable, and efficient alternative to writing and processing checks.

What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit is the most common form of ACH. Direct deposit allows you to submit your payroll by 3pm the day before your pay day, and on pay day Interra will directly deposit the payroll into your employees checking or savings accounts no matter where they bank.

Is an ACH a direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is the most common form of ACH. ACH is any automated transfer that comes from or goes into your account.

Is direct deposit available immediately?

No, direct deposit is a next day service. You must have your direct deposit file set up and authorized by no later than 3pm the day before you would like Interra to pay your employees. If you are not available the day before, we make authorizing easy by allowing you to approve all transactions via our mobile app.


  • Transmit files safely and efficiently through Interra Business Online Banking
  • You control the process
  • Next day funding

Common Uses for ACH

  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Business to business payments
  • Business to business receipts
  • Tithing receipts
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