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Interra Credit Union My Rewards CheckingMy Rewards Checking
High rate & ATM fee refunds

Interra Credit Union INline CheckingINline Checking
Earn iTunes®,®, or Google Play™ credits

Interra Credit Union Regular CheckingRegular Checking
No fees; no hassle!

Interra Credit Union Sign & Save Account Sign & Save Account
You sign, you save, we pay!

Interra Credit Union Debit CardDebit Card
The easy way to pay!

Interra Credit Union Overdraft ProtectionOverdraft Protection
What if you make a mistake?

Reorder Interra Credit Union ChecksReorder Checks
It's so easy!



Interra Credit Union Regular SavingsRegular Savings
It's your first Interra Account

Interra Credit Union Health Savings AccountHealth Savings Account
Use it with your high deductible insurance

Interra Credit Union Christmas ClubChristmas Club
Plan for a stress-free holiday

Interra Credit Union Kids Savings Account Kids Savings Account
Start learning about money & savings

Interra Credit Union Money Market AccountMoney Market Account
Earn more with easy access

Interra Credit Union CertificateCertificate
Safe & Secure

Interra Credit Union IRA AccountRetirement Accounts
While you work & when you retire

Interra Credit Union Educational SavingsEducational Savings
You want the best for them

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1 ATM fee refunds up to $25.00 provided only if qualifications are met within the qualification cycle. Fee refunds are only applied to withdrawals made from the My Rewards Checking account or INline Checking Account. ATM surcharges over $4.99 are not automatically refunded, but may be manually refunded by a credit union representative with the presentation of a receipt within 10 business days following the month that the My Rewards Checking or INline Checking qualifications were met.

2 iTunes™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.,™ is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc. and Google Play is a registered trademark of Google. Apple, Inc., Amazon, Inc. and Google are not participants in or sponsors of this program.

3 Earn iTunes,, or Google Play download credits up to $20.00 upon initial account opening, regardless of qualifications. Earn up to $5.00 in iTunes,, or Google Play download credits each cycle the minimum qualifications are met. Downloads must be purchased with your Interra debit card associated with your INline account.

4 High deductible health plan.

Equal Housing Lender ASI

Your savings insured to $250,000 per account.  By members' choice this institution is not federally insured.