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Save time with direct deposit.

Get out of the waiting line!

Have your paycheck, Social Security, pensions ... and more automatically deposited for you. It's easy to sign up for direct deposit.

  1. Sign up for direct deposit where you work
  2. Provide your employer with Interra's 9-digit routing number - 271291017
  3. Provide your 10-digit account number
  4. Your employer may take a few weeks to process the direct deposit
  5. For Social Security direct deposits, visit Social Security Online

For more information, please contact Interra or visit any office.

What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit allows your funds (employer, social security, pension) to be placed directly into your account electronically. This allows you to have access to your funds faster than a paper check.

How do you set up a direct deposit?

You may set up direct deposit by providing the company (employer, social security, pension) with your Interra account and routing number. If you have any questions while you’re setting up your direct deposit, feel free to give us a call at 574-534-2506.

Is direct deposit instant?

Direct Deposit will normally reach your account the day you get paid. For example, if you get paid every Friday, then every Friday your money should be directly deposited into your account.

How does direct deposit work?

Direct deposit goes through an ACH (automatic clearing house) process to be deposited electronically into your account.