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Receive your statement sooner than traditional statements.

An e-Statement is sent to your e-mail and can be viewed in your online banking.

Sign up for the convenience and security of FREE e-Statements.

  • Easily accessible through Interra Online Banking
  • Secure statements cannot be lost or stolen
  • Maintains 18 months of statements on file
  • Reduces the use of paper and saves trees
  • Receive your statement sooner than traditional mail statements
  • And more!

It’s easy to get started. Simply log in to online banking and click the Statement Settings tab under Settings. Then, just follow the prompts. If you don't have Interra Online Banking, enroll today.

What is an e-statement?

An e-Statement is an electronic mail notification sent to your e-mail address the day your statement is available to view on your online banking. The e-Statement will replace your current paper statement, providing you immediate access to your account information.

Why are bank statements important?

Monthly bank statements reconciliations allow a member to: identify lost checks, deposits and unauthorized transactions.

How can i access my e-statement?

To access your e-Statements log in to your online banking account, on the left-hand side click “Services” then scroll down and click “Statements & Notices”. Once in the “Statements & Notices” tab click on the month you would like to view.

Can I print an e-statement?

Yes, once you are logged into your online banking and you have clicked on “Statements & Notices” under the “Services” tab, you can click on the month and print your statements.


Will I still receive a paper statement if I sign up for e-Statements?


No, you will no longer receive a paper statement once you sign up for e-Statements.


When are e-Statements available for viewing?


e-Statements are available for viewing no later than the third day of any given month.


Will I be notified when my e-Statement is available?


Yes, each month you will receive an e-mail from Interra letting you know your statement is ready for viewing.


What if I don’t have an e-mail address?


In order to receive e-Statements, you must have a valid e-mail address. If for any reason we cannot send e-mails to your provided e-mail address, Interra reserves the right to revert back to sending you paper statements. At any time, you may sign up again for e-Statements, given it’s with a new e-mail address.


Is there a cost to get e-Statements?


No, there is no fee for signing up to receive e-Statements.