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Customized Card Alerts

Updated Security for your Credit & Debit cards

Help keep your Interra credit or debit cards secure by signing up for customized alerts. Choose your alert enrollment here:

What is a customized card alert?

A customized card alert is a text message (SMS) or an email alert that lets you know whenever there’s activity on your card. So, you can be alerted to possible fraudulent activity – anytime, anywhere.

How do I set up a customized card alert?

Setting up a customized card alert for your debit or credit card is easy! Simply, visit the security page on our website and click on the appropriate enrollment link. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions to enroll your card.

Why do I need a card alert?

A customized card alert(s) can help alert you to possible fraudulent activity by receiving notifications of card activity via text message (SMS) or via an email.