Online Banking FAQs

 Interra Online Banking is only available in English.

 You will need the following information to make the transfer

  1. The member number
  2. The first three letters of the member’s last name
  3. Then follow the prompts

This option can help you with your money management strategies. You can create an additional savings account and give it a name that is meaningful to you (ex. Vacation, Down Payment, College, etc.). A minimum of $5.00 is needed to fund the new account, by transferring that amount from another Interra account.

Yes, from the account summary page, click on the checking account from which you wrote the check. Right below the transaction you will see view check. An image of the check will appear.

If you have a direct deposit, e.g., payroll, Social Security, or a pending withdrawal/automatic payment, an hour glass icon shows with the number of pending ACH items. When you click on Pending ACH, you will see an explanation of the pending item.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0 and higher • Download Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher • Download Firefox
  • Apple Safari 4.1.3 and higher • Download Safari
  • Google Chrome • Download Chrome

Absolutely! All you need to do is download the Multi-Account Access Form, fill it out, and mail, fax or bring it in to any Interra office. To see an example of how the Multi-Account Access Form should be filled out, click here.

While in Interra Online Banking, click the “Reports” tab at the top. This is where you can find keep track of your spending by different categories such as “Entertainment” or “Housing,” and by click the “Edit” icon to the left of each category, you can rename, set limits, and help keep your finances in order. Visit any Interra office if you’d like help from a member service representative.

While in Interra Online Banking, click the “Credit Card” tab at the top. This will take you to directly to MasterCard Online where you can make payment, complete balance transfers, and see recent activity.

First, endorse the back of the check as follows:

For deposit only at Interra Credit Union
[your member number]
[today’s date]
[your signature]

While in online banking, click the “Online Deposit” tab, choose the account you’d like to deposit your check into, scan your endorsed check into the system, enter the amount of the check, follow the remaining prompts and you’re done. It may take a few days to clear, same as when a check is deposited at an Interra office, and Interra reserves the right to reject the check for deposit for whatever reason. It’s also recommended you hold onto the check in case you need it later.

For additional questions regarding online deposit, please contact Interra.

You will need to provide your member number, last four digits of your social security number, and your birthday.

For business accounts you will need to contact Interra at 574.534.2506 for online banking registration information.

You can receive e-mail and text alerts. (Note: your data provider may charge a fee to receive these messages.) You can choose to receive whatever alerts you’d like, such as notifications when your account balance falls to a certain amount, when a check clears, when a direct deposit has been made, if your account goes negative, and many other triggers.

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Interra Online Banking

Interra Online Banking

New Online Banking

Interra is excited to announce the launch of a new online banking system that will be available this fall. Learn more about how you can connect, discover, explore and experience the exciting new features.

Current Online Banking

Enjoy the ease and convenience of banking from anywhere you have an internet connection!

  • Free service, a benefit of membership
  • View account balances and recent transactions
  • Transfer money between your accounts or to another member
  • Manage automatic transfers
  • Obtain mortgage account information
  • Change your address, phone, e-mail, etc.
  • View current and previous year dividend/interest reports
  • View and make transactions between separate member numbers
  • Download information to your financial programs, such as Quicken® or Microsoft Money®
  • And more!

Start now for free! Register for Interra Online Banking today!

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Additional Services

With Interra Online Banking you have access to FREE online services to help manage your accounts, bills and Interra credit cards.

  • Interra Bill Pay - save time and money
  • e-Statements - the safe and secure way to view your statements
  • e-Alerts - receive custom alerts1 on your account
  • MasterCard Online - account access, pay your bill online, view e-statements and more
  • Interra Online Deposit - sign, scan and send your checks from the comfort of your home
  • Mobile Banking - access your account anywhere at anytime

Security Features

Interra uses the most advanced internet security systems available for the online banking platform.

  • All information is encrypted or encoded
  • Multi-level login procedure
  • System records the date and item of the last login attempt
  • Time-out feature
  • Ability to change your password and security questions, image or phrase at any time
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1Your e-mail or cell phone providers may charge a fee for data received.

Each account insured up to $250,000 by American Share Insurance. By members' choice, this institution is not federally insured. Learn more about ASI >>